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May 3, 2021

What is glamping: the new trend of luxury camping

The feeling of freedom and adventure combined with the comfort of a well-kept five-star accommodation. Glamping is for today’s explorers who want to experience contact with nature without the uncomfortable aspects. Glamping is ideal for today’s explorers who want to be in close contact with nature and have a comfortable overall experience.


Where does the term Glamping come from?

Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamourous” and “camping”. Chic and luxury camping, that is.

Known in the UK as “luxury camping”, it became known in the early 2000s as “glamping”. Today everyone talks about glamping, and its defined as THE alternative to traditional camping: a comfortable holiday experience in the middle of nature.

Glamping is the new trend in the world of travel, but in reality, it is inspired by old traditions:

  • As early as 1100, the Mongolian nomadic tribes lived in yurts equipped with all comforts;
  • During safaris in Africa, in the early 1900s, the explorers used elegant luxury tents, furnished with Persian rugs and antique furniture;
  • Even the American Indians, with their tepee tents, have inspired a free and wild glamping experience, in breath-taking scenery.

What is the key to its success? It brings together different aspects in a single experience:

  • Comfort
  • Nature and Sustainability
  • Originality
  • Adventure.

Comfort, because unlike traditional camping, glamping provides you with all the comforts of home, so you don’t have to rough it.

Nature and Sustainability, because glamping embraces the green philosophy, promotes an eco-friendly holiday approach and responds to the desire to find a closer contact with nature.

Originality, because a glamping holiday stands out for its originality and has a certain character it is easy to find the type of glamping that suits you best

Experience, because glamping is not just sleeping in a comfortable accommodation, but also living a holiday full of experience.

What is Glamping and how to do it

Camping is not for everyone: it can be an uncomfortable and a very sportive adventure which might not suit everyone plus it requires good organization and a spirit of adaptation. Well, glamping is not like that. Indeed, it is quite the opposite.

But what does glamping mean? The aspect that connects it with camping is the contact with nature. But the distinctive point is comfort: a glamping accommodation is beautiful, original and it pays attention to detail. It offers a unique experience you won’t find on a traditional camping experience.

Falling asleep counting the stars? Yes, but wrapped in soft blankets and surrounded by soft lighting.

Hearing birdsong from the trees? Yes, but while relaxing in a Jacuzzi, perhaps enjoying a nice cocktail.

Waking up caressed by the fresh morning air? Sure, but with a rich breakfast served in your room.

You can start your glamping holiday in complete relaxation: your luxury tent is ready on arrival, the beds are already made, the sheets smell clean. Here is your charming five-star room immersed in nature. It is easy to connect with others as well but also enjoy a little corner of your private heaven.

Feel pampered by nature and by the staff, they are always on hand to help you. Experience an unforgettable holiday with children, family and a relaxing atmosphere.

The different types of glamping

There are different types of glamping, and glampers can choose the most suitable one according to their style and needs. Each offers completely different experiences, but all are united by originality.

Here are the most popular:

  • the Tepee and the Yurt are both tents, the first reflects the style of American Indian homes, the second is from Mongolian origin
  • the Bell Tent is a very spacious cotton tent, perfect for a luxury camping trip
  • the Safari tent has a wooden frame and an exotic look
  • the vintage caravan is the new trend: retro style but in appearance only, it is a mini suite equipped with every comfort
  • igloos are reminiscent of Eskimo houses, but there are also transparent ones, like bubbles with a view of the starry sky
  • the huts in the forest and the stilts overlooking the lagoon are chic solutions with a slightly primitive flavor
  • tree houses can be spartan or super luxury, perhaps with a view of the mountains or the ocean, to feel completely surrounded by nature.

Are you curious to try glamping? At Procida Camp & Resort you will find African-style Safari Lodges, American vintage Airstream caravans and the Garden Suites in perfect Mediterranean style.

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