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November 21, 2023

What to buy in Procida

Not only the sea and good food: Procida also offers many opportunities for those who love shopping and want to spend some time lost among souvenir shops and typical products, looking for the perfect gift to take home.

Forget the big boutiques or franchise shops... here you will find many handicrafts and unique creations. Via Vittorio Emanuele, which runs from the Marina Grande harbour towards the historic centre, is the starting point for discovering small local craft shops, from both Procida and Campania. Here are the places that are definitely worth a visit.

What to do


Situated in the heart of Corricella, the old Procidan village with colourful houses, Creje is a workshop that produces handmade bags and clothing. It also sells Turkish jewellery, modern but with an unmistakable oriental touch. The boutique’s flagship is Creja perfumed water, which allows you to carry the sparkling scent of Procida lemons into your home.

The shop is open from May to October.


via Marina Corricella, 60


Maricella is an artisan workshop that has been producing women's clothing and jewellery since 1985. Each piece is unique and inspired by the colours and shades of the island.


Via Roma 161

Rosso Corallo

Mrs Luisa, originally from Torre del Greco (Naples), imported her passion for the bright red of coral to Procida. Today she creates her jewellery entirely by hand, right in front of the admiring eyes of her customers.


Via Vittorio Emanuele 6

A Crianza

If you want to take home a souvenir that tells of an authentic Procida, this is the ideal little shop, offering non-trivial, handmade souvenirs.


Via Principe Umberto 12

Sartoria Casa di Reclusione (Prison Tailor)

It is worth mentioning this original tailor who decided to revive the original brand that made uniforms for the inmates of the old prison in Palazzo d'Avalos. The clothes produced range from elegant to casual and are inspired by the traditions and symbols of Procida.


Via Principe Umberto 65

T2 Art Workshop

Part shop, part art gallery, T2 and La Bottega dell'Arte are two realities in Procida run by creative artisans who, with great inventiveness, create truly unique objects: T2 uses mainly recycled materials, while La Bottega dell'Arte creates highly original cribs, masks and statuettes that recall Campania's traditions. Here you will find true masterpieces: from sculptures to bracelets, from T-shirts to souvenirs, all strictly unique.


T2 -Via Giovanni da Procida, 94

La Bottega dell’Arte – Via Vittorio Emanuele 8

Nutrimenti bookshop

We must not forget to mention the Nutrimenti bookshop, much loved by locals and tourists alike. Inside there are many books on the history and events of Procida, famous for the novels that have been set here. There is no shortage of foreign language books and children's literature, where children will find a place to enjoy stories and illustrations.

Over the years, the bookshop has become a meeting place for writers and readers and a centre for cultural events, such as the "Procida Racconta" festival. This initiative, which takes place every year in June, sends five Italian writers to the island to find their characters and tell their stories, which are then published in a booklet that is, of course, available at the bookshop.


Via Roma 54

Between a little shop and a craft workshop, it is nice to take a break and enjoy a moment of relaxation to discover the island's typical products:

  • Fogliolì and Scorza are special liqueurs made with the leaf and peel of the lemon (and not the pulp as in classic Limoncello). The official retailer is in the heart of Procida, a short distance from Camp La Caravella, but the liqueurs can be found almost anywhere on the island, from grocery shops to souvenir shops.


Agre Procida - Via Vittorio Emanuele 255

  • Lingua di Bue (ox tongue) is the typical pastry product of the place, consisting of a puff pastry that is shaped like a tongue and filled with lemon or custard cream. The best is at Bar Dal Cavaliere, which also offers Frollicella, a typical shortcrust pastry filled with lemon-flavoured ricotta cream.


Bar dal Cavaliere - Via Roma, 42

And here are the places we recommend to combine shopping with an aperitif:

L’Unico BioBarBazar

Here you can sip a thirst-quenching organic drink in an informal setting while browsing the bazaar of handmade clothes in original fabrics and styles. The sunset terrace is a must!


Via S. Rocco, 82

Borgo Antico wine bar

A few seats along a quiet little street, background music that creates the right atmosphere for sipping excellent wine and savouring a tasty plate of typical products. All accompanied by the expert advice and friendly smiles of the managers.


Via Vittorio Emanuele 13

Are you wondering if the centre of Procida is easy to reach?

From Camp La Caravella you can walk almost everywhere in 20 minutes!

From Camp Ciraccio we recommend a bike or the small buses that take you all over the island.

For more information see the article Getting around Procida.

We are waiting for you!

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