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February 18, 2023

Naples and the Bay of Naples

Naples is raw, full of energy, a place of soul-stirring art and panoramas, spontaneous and unexpected elegance. Welcome to Italy’s most unlikely masterpiece…

What to do

Naples: a place full of beauty and action

Naples’ wealth of cultural assets is extraordinary. You’ll find 2 royal palaces, 3 castles, and ancient ruins that include some of Christianity’s oldest frescoes. Add to that the beautiful and magical Amalfi coast with all its grandeur and you have a perfect destination in the mix.

The stunning Royal Palace of Naples

The Royal palace of Naples is a historic highlight located in Piazza del Plebiscito, opposite the Teatro San Carlo.

This famous palace deserves a visit, habited by many kings and queens through the centuries the royal palace stately resides over the city.

Practical info:

  • Opening hours 9am – 8pm.
  • Tickets €8.50.

The oldest theatre house in Europe

World famous and full of splendour, the Teatro San Carlo is Europe’s oldest theatre. Built in 1737 it has seen everything and lived through the times, open for visits and excursions.

In addition to its famous operas and ballet performances that also host the Memus museum. The museum tells the story of the theatre through the years, in a innovative way.

Stroll for Spaccanapoli

No place in the city can better tell the soul of Naples, than this street. Here the heart and essence of the city come together.

Walking through Spaccanapoli one passes through the thousand-year history of the city. A small road that divides the ancient centre between ancient buildings, churches, myths and legends of the city, all among the unmistakable smells of Neapolitan cuisine.


Pompeii is famous all over the world for the great tragedy of 79AC when the town was destroyed by the eruption of M.Vesuvius. However, the city of Pompeii gathers in itself what remains of one of the richest cities of the Roman Empire and the center of the Christian spirituality.

Thanks to the monuments, art and archaeological remains, Pompeii is the perfect spot both for a brief visit or a longer excursion.

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